Super Speedway

Super Speedway is a 1997 documentary racing film chronicling one man's quest to get his new Champ Car Lola chassis up to speed, and another's goal of rebuilding an old 1964 roadster once driven by the legendary Mario Andretti. The film was directed by renowned IMAX director Stephen Low and produced by Pietro Serapiglia. It was narrated by Paul Newman (who was himself an avid racer and co-owner of Newman/Haas Racing). It first premiered at IMAX theaters nationwide.

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Andretti curse

Starting in 1983, Paul Newman joined the ranks of CART owners, teaming with Carl Haas to form Newman/Haas racing. In their first year, Mario Andretti signed as primary driver, an arrangement that would carry Andretti through the remainder of his career, until his retirement in 1994. Michael Andretti joined the team from 1989–1992 and again from 1995-2000. During the 1980s, and for the better part of the 1990s, the team was closely aligned with the Andretti family.

The entire process took well over four years to film. Overall, the car was equipped with an IMAX camera and driven by Mario Andretti. Michael Andretti drove his teammate, Christian Fittipaldi's car, in the film. Mario was able to get his car as fast as 240 mph at the Michigan International Speedway at director Low's request. Newman/Haas Racing was the only team interested in the project in the technical world of Indy Car racing. The effort was spearheaded by Neil Richter, the team's director of finances.

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Development of the aircraft that became the SeaRey began in the 1970s with the introduction of the Advanced Aviation Hi-Nuski ultralight. In the early 1980s Stanley Richter, his son Wayne Richter, Wayne's wife Nina Richter and Wayne's son Kerry Richter established Advanced Aviation where they designed and manufactured a number of different designs. The company produced the Buccaneer XA and two place Buccaneer II flying boats for Highcraft AeroMarine, and designed the improved Buccaneer SX. The company was sold in 1992.

The movie features Mario and Michael Andretti during the 1996 season driving for Newman/Haas Racing. During the season, Michael Andretti won a season-high five races and finished 2nd in the championship to Jimmy Vasser. At the end of the film, Mario is reunited with his old roadster for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Carl Haas

Carl A. Haas (born February 26, 1930) is an American auto racing impresario. He co-owned the Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing team in the IndyCar Series with Paul Newman and Mike Lanigan. He also owned Carl A. Haas Motorsports, which competed in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, as well as the Haas Lola Formula One team.

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