Paul Dean Holt

Paul Dean Holt (born March 30, 1936 in Sweetwater, Tennessee) is a retired NASCAR Winston Cup driver and a competitor at the 1968 Fireball 300.

Holt had one top ten finish and he competed in 10604 laps and 6,540.7 miles (10,526.2 km). Holt started an average of 23rd place and finished an average of 20th. Holt also failed to lead a lap but eventually retired at the age of 41 with $19,192 ($74,944.71 when adjusted for inflation) in total career earnings. NASCAR insider Brock Beard would find out after extensive research about Paul Dean Holt's three career last-place finishes.

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Individual race earnings for each driver ranged from the winner's share of $17,625 ($113,730.83 when adjusted for inflation) to the last-place finisher's share of $622 ($4,013.65 when adjusted for inflation). NASCAR officials were authorized to hand out a grand total of $73,548 in post-race winnings to all the drivers who managed to qualify for this event ($474,591.5 when adjusted for inflation).

At the 1968 NASCAR Rookie of the Year ceremonies, Holt finished in third place behind Charlie Glotzbach and Donnie Allison (the winner of the Rookie of the Year award). Dodge and Ford vehicles were considered to the staple manufacturers of Holt's career.

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Donnie Allison is credited with the win but Darrell Waltrip finished the race for an over-heated Donnie Allison after Darrell Waltrip dropped out of the race after 106 laps. Points are always scored by the driver, who starts the race.

Holt's best track accomplishments was at Richmond International Raceway where he finished an average of 18th place; his least favorite track was Martinsville Speedway where a finish of 32nd place was routine for him.

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