Pancho Carter

Duane C. Carter, Jr. (born June 11, 1950 in Racine, Wisconsin), nicknamed "Pancho", is a retired American race car driver. He is most famous for his participation in CART races. He won the pole position for the 1985 Indianapolis 500, and won the 1981 Michigan 500.

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Duane Carter

Duane Carter (May 5, 1913 – May 7, 1993) was an American racecar driver. He raced midget cars, sprint cars, and IndyCars. Carter was born in Fresno, California, and he died in Indianapolis, Indiana. His son Pancho raced in Indy cars, along with Johnny Parsons (who he helped raise ).

He is the son of Indycar racer Duane Carter. He was born while his parents were on the way to a race at the Milwaukee Mile. His father's nickname was "Pappy". Pappy referred to his wife's pregnancy as "little paunch," so they nicknamed the child Pancho. Carter is the half-brother of Johnny Parsons. His full brother, Dana Carter, also raced in USAC midgets, sprints and Silver Crown. He died of a heart attack in the early 1980s.

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Dana 60

Some Dana 61's shared a common carrier with the Dana 60-Dana part #706040x (3.07-4.10)will interchange between the two. Dana part #706400 (3.07-3.54) shows in Dana's parts catalog to be Dana 61 only. The 706040x carrier can be purchased relatively inexpensively and used to install lower gears in a Dana 61 axle. Such as when replacing a broken or damaged Dana 60 with a Dana 61 while retaining the factory gear ratio.

Carter is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach. He is married, to Carla; they have two children, and their son Cole is an aspiring racer.

Carter's national career began while racing in a midget car. He won the 1972 USAC midget car championship. He won the 1972 and 1975 Hut Hundred. He had 23 midget car feature wins by the time that he left the series in 1978.

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Doug Kalitta

Kalitta formerly raced in USAC events. He was the 1991 USAC rookie of the year in the midget series, and won the 1994 championship in the sprint car category. Kalitta won 21 USAC events: 14 in midget races and 7 in sprint competitions.

He won the 1974 and 1976 national USAC sprint car championships. He was the first driver to win the two USAC championships – midgets and sprint cars. He has wins in three USAC divisions – midgets, sprints and Silver Crown (formerly known as Dirt Cars) On May 30, 1977, Carter won two USAC Midget features, one USAC sprint feature and finished second in the second USAC sprint feature at Salem Speedway on a day the temperatures were near 100 degrees.

This was one day after he finished 15th in the Indianapolis 500.

Carter ran well on dirt and pavement, but was exceptional on the paved high banks at Winchester and Salem, Ind., and Dayton, Ohio. He won the Joe James/Pat O'Conner Memorial race at the half-mile at Salem, Ind., on four consecutive occasions.

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