Ohio 250

The Ohio 250 was a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race that took place at Mansfield Motorsports Park on Memorial Day weekend.

The 2006 race saw 18 caution flags flown during the race, setting a series record.

Dennis Setzer won the 2007 race without making a fuel stop, which took place with a 22-gallon fuel cell. This race took over seven hours to run due to three rain delays and was the final Craftsman Truck Series victory for Spears Motorsports, who ceased operations following the 2007 season.

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Honda FCX

This model used a fuel cell first developed in-house by Honda called the Honda FC Stack. The fuel cell was introduced in October 2003 and can operate at a low temperature of −20 °C. The type of fuel cell used is a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell. The fuel cell stack has a power of 86 kilowatts.

The 2008 edition was won by Donny Lia, who became the first rookie in nearly five seasons to win a Craftsman Truck Series race.

The race was formerly known as the UAW/GM Ohio 250. General Motors operated a plant in Mansfield and a number of its residents used to work there. Appropriately, Chevrolet has won four of the five races, with Bobby Hamilton giving Dodge its only Mansfield victory in 2005.

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2008 NASCAR Camping World East Series

The Mansfield 150 took place on August 23 at Mansfield Motorsports Park in Mansfield, Ohio. Trevor Bayne captured his second pole award of the season, while Brian Ickler dominated the field leading six times for 128 laps en route to his third win of the season.

NASCAR announced it will not return to Mansfield for 2009, replacing the race with one to be held at Iowa Speedway.

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