The NASCAR Series are online oval racing series officially sanctioned by NASCAR and hosted by In 2010 they include seven different series in total, with a World Championship series, a qualifying series for the championship and five amateur series.

The partnership between and NASCAR was originally announced on May 19, 2009, but its roots can be traced back more than 15 years to an idea of Bill France, Jr., then head of NASCAR. A similar but short-lived online series with official NASCAR support, called the NASCAR Racing Online Series (NROS), was organized already in the late 1990s using the infrastructure of Total Entertainment Network (TEN) with the NASCAR Racing 2 PC simulation software by Papyrus Design Group.

Papyrus was co-founded by David Kaemmer, also the co-founder and current CEO of

The details of the series were revealed during the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Media Tour hosted at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Currently the NASCAR series include seven series in total. Five of them, the "amateur" series, are part of the standard competition program and open to anyone progressing through the standard license levels used in iRacing.

A minimum of 250 of the top oval drivers can take part in the NASCAR iRacing Pro Series (NPS), which in turn serves as a qualifying series for the NASCAR iRacing World Championships (NDWC), reserved for the 50 best drivers.

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In 2010, NASCAR officially sanctioned its first sim racing series, partnering with to form the NASCAR Series.

This sim racing series is made of up of five "Amateur Series" divisions, the NASCAR Pro Series, and the NASCAR World Championship Series.

Each year, the champion of the NASCAR World Championship Series is invited to NASCAR's Championship Weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway to receive their prize money and championship at the track.

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