Motor Raid

Motor Raid (モーターレイド) is a racing video game released by Sega on its Model 2A arcade system board in 1997.

With its futuristic bikes and the rare ability to fight while racing the game bears obvious inspirations from both the Akira (1988) and Venus Wars (1989) manga and anime adaptation, Psygnosis's Wipeout (1995) for its futuristic planets, and from the Road Rash (1991) game series.

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Go Mifune

Like most manga series adapted to anime, changes occur in both timelines of the Speed Racer series. Besides the obvious Americanization of the original Japanese characters' names, other changes include character's backstory and new characters. (See Manga section for more information)

The game is available as a single or two-player cabinet. Game modes include "Championship" and "Practice" and playable characters are named Geila, Gunz, I.O and Robin.

Unlike other Model 2A racers like Manx TT Superbike or the original Sega Rally Championship, Motor Raid was not ported to the contemporary Sega Saturn or Windows 95. It was expected to emulate this game on Model-2-Emulator, by ELSemi or Nebula, starting in 2004.

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Saturn Corporation

Saturn's last vehicles were the Saturn Astra, Saturn Aura, Saturn VUE, and Saturn Outlook. GM continued to market the leftover 2009 model year vehicles as 2010 model year vehicles for rental car fleets. Sales of all Saturn vehicles ended in late 2009, however.

As all typical racing games you can steer left and right as well as brake and accelerate. There is also a Turbo meter which fills up with time and is usable in 3 levels, the first is a short blue boost, the 2nd is a longer green boost and the final red boost is the longest and swings the players weapon around if available. Turbo dash is done by twisting accelerate twice while the turbo meter is at any of the 3 levels.

However the unique gameplay in Motor Raid is the combat, as such there is a punch and kick button.

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