Joe Gibbs Racing

On January 5, 2008 the Muscle Milk/Toyota/JGRMX Team, which was founded by Coy Gibbs, debut at round one of the 2008 Supercross Series in Anaheim, CA with riders Josh Hansen and Josh Summey.

JGRMX had Josh Grant, Cody Cooper, and Nathan Ramsey ride for the team in 2009, with Grant winning the opening round of Supercross at Anaheim. Grant and Justin Brayton rode for the team in 2010, and Davi Millsaps replaced Grant in 2011.

James Stewart replaced Brayton in 2012, and won the Oakland Supercross. Grant and Brayton returned as the team's two riders in 2013. Phil Nicoletti joined them in 2014. Justin Barcia and Weston Peick replaced Grant and Brayton on the team in 2015, with Barcia winning two nationals (Budds Creek and RedBud).

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British Army Aeroplane No 1

Originally Cody's aircraft was officially called the Army Aeroplane No. 1. After the War Office stopped supporting Cody's experiments, it was simply referred to as the Cody Flyer or the equivalent. Any attempt to describe its various forms as the Cody 2 and so forth run the risk of confusing this aircraft with subsequent aircraft built by Cody, and were certainly not used in contemporary sources.

Subsequent aircraft tend to be referred to as "Mr Cody's new aeroplane", subsequently being known by his most notable achievement in the aircraft, as in the Cody Michelin Cup Biplane.

To further confuse matters the name "Cody Cathedral" is indiscriminately used both for this aircraft and for the 1912 Cody V also known as the "Military Trials Biplane".

(Source: Wikipedia)