Jamie Campbell-Walter

Jamie Campbell-Walter is a British professional racing driver. He was born in Oban, Scotland on 16 December 1972. He won the FIA GT Championship in 2000.

Jamie is the son of Richard & Annie Campbell-Walter. Richard Campbell-Walter is the brother of famous 50/60's model Fiona Campbell-Walter. Fiona was the model daughter of Scottish Rear Admiral Keith McNeil Campbell-Walter.

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While still a student, Blatchley's ability was recognized by A. F. McNeil of J Gurney Nutting & Co Limited. McNeil became Blatchley's teacher, mentor, and friend for many years. Gurney Nutting hired Blatchley upon his graduation in 1935.

Jamie is also the great Grandson of Sir Edward Taswell Campbell MP, 1st Baronet.

Like many young drivers, Jamie Campbell-Walter started racing in single seaters. He made his debut in the Formula Vauxhall Junior Winter Series in 1993, taking second place in the championship, followed by a third place in the British national championship in 1994. Campbell-Walter moved to the higher Formula Vauxhall series in 1995 where he was fifth in the championship, which he hoped would propel him into the British Formula 3 Championship the following year.

However, even though he did perform one test in a British Formula 3 car, he was unable to find the funding necessary and did only 5 races for James Crofts Racing in the 1996 TVR Tuscan Challenge.

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The TVR Speed Eight was the name of a normally aspirated V8 car engine designed and manufactured by TVR. The engine was intended to power the TVR Griffith and the TVR Chimaera but delays in its production meant that it powered only the TVR Cerbera and the TVR Tuscan Racer.

The reason behind the engine's development and production was that in that particular time Rover was bought by BMW and Peter Wheeler the boss of TVR in that time, feared that BMW would drop the Rover V8 engine used in TVRs since the early 80's, so he contracted car engine designer Al Melling to design a brand-new V8 engine to power the TVR Cerbera as well as an engine that TVR could sell to other car manufacturers.

In 1997, Campbell-Walter returned to racing, taking a drive in the TVR Tuscan Challenge, a one-make trophy organised by the British manufacturer. He took fourth place in the series championship after winning two rounds for Colin Blower Motorsport. Blower, who was in charge of development for the TVR Cerbera's motorsport program, invited Campbell-Walter to co-drive with him in the racing Cerbera in selected rounds of the British GT Championship.

The pair won the Donington Park round before the both of them made their debut in the FIA GT Championship at the 4 Hours of Donington Park, retiring after 38 minutes.

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