IndyCar Racing

IndyCar Racing, followed up two years later by its sequel, IndyCar Racing II, is a racing video game by Papyrus Design Group. It was released in 1993. Papyrus, consisting of David Kaemmer and Omar Khudari, previously developed Indianapolis 500: The Simulation, released in 1990.

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F1 Racing Simulation

F1 Racing Simulation is a racing simulation game, developed for the PC by Ubisoft in 1997. It is first of the Racing Simulation games made by Ubisoft, being the predecessor to Racing Simulation 2, which was released in 1998. The game is based on the Formula One 1996 Season.

The game was intended as a realistic simulation of CART IndyCar Racing, later known as the Champ Car World Series. It featured many contemporary drivers, chassis and engines, and eight circuits which could be raced individually or as part of a championship season. Subsequent expansion packs added a further seven tracks and, later, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (In contrast, its sequel did not gain the licensing rights to do so.)

The simulation offers the ability to race in single events or a full Championship season (made up of all the tracks installed and available on the player's computer); to take part in associated practice, qualifying and warm-up sessions; to set up and customise the car both on-track and in a dedicated "garage" feature; and to race head-to-head against another player by connecting two computers, either via modems running at least 9600 bit/s or via a null-modem cable attached to the computers' serial ports.

There are two main types of qualifying session, and a third which is unique to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway:

Type 1 is standard for road courses and street circuits, while Type 2 is used at ovals. Note that some circuits grade drivers by speed (in miles per hour), while others use lap time (in seconds).

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