GeneRally is a freeware racing game originally developed by brothers Hannu and Jukka Räbinä from Finland. Although it features a 3D graphics engine, GeneRally has a top-down perspective, where you can see all the cars (which is perfect for multiplayer races). Its art design calls to mind older arcade racing games such as Super Sprint and Slicks 'N' Slide. PCGamer, in an issue about free PC games, described it as "A minimalist Micro Machines".

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Ridge Racer V

Ridge Racer V: Arcade Battle, the arcade port of Ridge Racer V, first appeared in 2001 for the Namco System 246 arcade platform. The arcade version has some features such as Duel, Free Run and Pac-Man GP removed. It is the last Ridge Racer for arcade platform until the Pachislot Ridge Racer, which was a pachislot game released seven years later. The Ridge Racer arcade games were replaced by Mario Kart Arcade GP and Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune series.

Up to six cars (either human or computer-controlled by AI) can race at the same time on a track. The game is quite easy to learn because the game physics are quite forgiving if you happen to lose control of the car. The game offers three game modes - time trial mode (player attacks best lap of a track; option of ghost car is available), race mode (against next 1-5 human or artificial opponents) and championship mode (season of several races).

No matter on simple appearance, the game offers a basic damage model and even tire wear and fuel consumption causing necessity of pit-stops during the race - rare options in genre of arcade racing games including commercial titles.

All settings of game are fully customizable (including details like separate adjustable AI level of every single AI opponent or pointing system of held championship).

GeneRally does not support online or LAN play. However, up to 6 human players can play around one computer using same keyboard or keyboard combined with other devices like joystick or gamepad.

(Source: Wikipedia)