Fuel video game

To advance through the game, the player must earn stars and fuel. Stars are earned with Career races, the locations of which are shown on the map as a 5-point star in a circle indicating a camp. Each race has 3 difficulty levels. For completing a race, the player earns one star for each difficulty level and an amount of fuel.

This can only be done once; completing the same race for the second time on the same level will not be rewarded. With enough stars the player can unlock new areas of the open world map, with a total of 216 stars to be collected in the game.

To get all stars, all races must be won on all 3 difficulty levels, although winning on the lowest level gives most rewards. Next to earning a star and fuel, the player will also unlock new clothing items, new vehicles (which still need to be bought), and Doppler Trucks will appear in the specific area.

Once the player has completed a race, the star-icon will get a ring around it, matching the color of the difficulty level with which the race was completed. Career races can only be completed in certain vehicles, usually the player gets restricted to choose out of maximum a dozen vehicles. Career races are restricted to one class of vehicles.

(Source: Wikipedia)