First Racing

First Racing (sometimes written as FIRST Racing) was an Italian motor racing team founded by Lamberto Leoni, which competed in International Formula 3000 from 1987 to 1991. The team built a car for entry into the 1989 Formula One series, designed by Richard Divila, and powered by a Judd V8 engine.

Italian Gabriele Tarquini was signed to drive the lone entry, giving it a run at the 1989 Attilio Bettega Memorial event in Bologna and the Formula One Indoor Trophy.

However, the chassis itself was poorly built, and Divila disowned the design, claiming it was unsafe, even going as far as saying that the car was good for nothing but "an interesting flowerpot".

The car then failed a mandatory FIA pre-season crash test, and FIRST withdrew before the opening Brazilian Grand Prix, folding thereafter when attempts to regroup and strengthen the chassis failed to come together.

The chassis would later turn up in 1990 as the Life L190.

† Eric Hélary finished season with Cobra Racing

(Source: Wikipedia)