Bill Davis Racing

Bill Davis Racing was a racing team that participated in all three of NASCAR's top divisions until 2009.

The team had run Toyota-branded stock cars and trucks in the Camping World Truck Series (Toyota Tundra) since 2004 and Sprint Cup Series (Toyota Camry) since 2007. Dodge, Pontiac and Ford previously backed the team. The team was notable for running the #22 since its inception and its long relationship with Caterpillar, Inc.. BDR was competitive throughout the 1990s and early 2000s with Ward Burton before fading due to an increase in competition and a fallout with manufacturer Dodge.

The team was sold to Triad Racing Technologies in late 2008, which shut down the team's racing entries and now produces engines and chassis for various Toyota NASCAR teams.

BDR was formed by then-truck rental owner Bill Davis, who himself was a former motocross racer. Davis helped his friend and business partner Julian Martin develop his son Mark's ASA racing program. When Martin signed with J. D. Stacy, Davis took a break from racing, but returned to hire Martin to drive his Busch Series car for 15 races with sponsorship from Carolina Ford Dealers. In 1990, Davis moved the team to High Point, North Carolina, while his wife Gail stayed in Arkansas to oversee the trucking operation.

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Nelson Stacy

In 1952, Stacy made his first NASCAR Grand National Series start at Dayton Speedway. After a 12th-place finish out of 30 cars, Stacy decided it would be best to drive in the MARC Series (later the ARCA Remax Series). Stacy lost the 1957 title to Iggy Katona by 4.5 points, one of the slimmest margins in series history.

Stacy's move enabled him to win the series championship in 1958, 1959 and 1960. Stacy had wins in 1957, 1959 and 1960 at Canfield Speedway. In 1959, he started out the season in April by winning two of three races (Dayton and Canfield).

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