2014 Brickyard 400

On the Tuesday following the race, NASCAR announced that the No. 11 team of Joe Gibbs Racing – the car of Denny Hamlin, who had finished the race in third place – had been penalized for a rules infraction in post-race inspection.

This infraction was levied as a P5 penalty – the second-highest level – outlined in Section 12-4.5 A (9) of the 2014 NASCAR rule book. Per the subsequent Section 12-4.5 B of the regulations, any P5 penalty resulted in a 50-point penalty for both the driver and team owner, a fine of between $75,000 and $125,000 as well as race suspension and probation periods for team members in relation to the infraction.

As the infraction was detected during a post-race inspection, a further 25 championship points were deducted as well as a further fine of $50,000.

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Denny Hamlin

At the Brickyard 400, Hamlin finished 3rd. However his 11 car failed post-race inspection. NASCAR impounded the 11 car and investigated various pieces on it. 2 days later NASCAR suspended crew chief Darian Grubb, fined Grubb $125,000, docked Hamlin 75 driver points and Joe Gibbs 75 owner points, suspended 11 car chief Wesley Sherrill and put the 11 team members on probation until December 31, 2014.

Initially Joe Gibbs and the team decided to appeal the penalties but they changed their minds.

On the penalty Denny said "We'll just simply move forward and not let this affect our performances." Despite the penalties handed to Hamlin's crew, Denny Hamlin is locked into in the 2014 Chase due to his win at Talladega Superspeedway.

The infraction also violated several other Sections from the rule book:

Accordingly, crew chief Darian Grubb was fined $125,000 post-race, suspended for the next six races and placed on NASCAR probation for a six-month period – until January 29, 2015 – while car chief Wesley Sherrill was also suspended six races and placed on NASCAR probation until the same date. Denny Hamlin lost 75 drivers' championship points, while the team lost 75 points in the owners' championship.

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2006 Daytona 500

Johnson's car failed pre-race inspection and as a result his crew chief, Chad Knaus was suspended for the first four races and the team was fined $200,000. As a result, Darian Grubb replaced him as crew chief. Knaus was not blocked, however, from contacting the team and by many accounts still had significant input. Johnson would go on to win his first championship that year.

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