1977 Music City USA 420

The 1977 Music City USA 420 was a 420-lap race that took place on May 7, 1977, at Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville, Tennessee.

The race itself took two hours, fifty-one minutes, and forty seconds from the first green flag to the checkered flag. Benny Parsons was the race winner with an average speed of 87.49 miles per hour (140.80 km/h) while the pole position winner Darrell Waltrip had a speed of 103.643 miles per hour (166.797 km/h) and finished the race in 3rd place.

Cale Yarborough led the race with most number of laps (275) and was the points leader after the race for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series championship. However, Benny Parsons would defeat him by one second.

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Waltrip was leading on the final lap with Allison, Cale Yarborough, and Parsons in his draft; in the first turn Waltrip pinched his Chevy to the bottom lane of Turns One and Two and momentarily broke the draft; Allison caught him on the backstretch but Cale and Parsons blew past; Cale swung high entering Three but was sideswiped by Waltrip and lost just enough momentum that Waltrip cleared and Parsons raced nose to nose with Yarborough all the way to the stripe. The win was Waltrip's second of the 1977 season and second on a superspeedway.

Twenty thousand people attended this race that had a total prize purse of $56,350 ($220,046.6 in current US dollars). The winner would leave the event earning an incredible $9,565 ($37,351.3 in current US dollars) while the last-place finisher would walk away with a meager $255 in cash earnings ($995.77 in current US dollars).

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Individual race earnings for each driver ranged from the winner's share of $49,990 ($207,882.39 when adjusted for inflation) to the meager last-place finisher's earnings of $885 ($3,680.25 when adjusted for inflation). The total prize purse sanctioned by NASCAR for this event was an then-incredible $225,025 ($935,761.86 when adjusted for inflation).

Other notable names include Ricky Rudd, Coo Coo Marlin, Richard Petty, Elmo Langley, and Richard Childress (now the owner of Richard Childress Racing and Childress Vineyards).

Paul Dean Holt would retire from NASCAR after this race while Ralph Jones would make his introduction into NASCAR racing during this race.

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Earl Brooks would make his best career finish with a fourth place performance. All 29 of these competitors were American-born males. Other notable names include future car owner Richard Childress, Sterling Marlin's father Coo Coo, Elmo Langley, and Bobby Allison (one of the famous Allison brothers of NASCAR history).

* Driver failed to finish race

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